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I've reviewed over 3 dozen premium and custom controllers but I have never seen weird quirks and fumbled features like the Nacon Rev. Despite being a wacky chunk of plastic, there is still a small demographic of gamers I think this controller would be a great fit for. This is a long video but it is jam packed with good information and humorous zingers...enjoy.

Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro

Razer Wolverine Ultimate (original) On SALE, BUY THIS

Victrix Gambit

PowerA Spectra (great $30 controller)

Turtle Beach Recon

0:00 intro
0:33 quirks and features
6:08 I wanted to review this again
7:15 there’s a wired version
7:35 including accessories
9:52 cosmetics
10:09 ergonomics
10:35 face buttons and dpad
10:56 thumb sticks
11:44 share and options buttons
11:54 touchpad
12:03 triggers
12:21 rear buttons
12:48 software program on PC
19:07 remapping the paddles on the fly
20:02 verdict
23:19 Thank you for watching, subscribe for more controller content

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